Shadowhill is very pleased to have had the
opportunity to take part in Think TV's Great
Auction. Shadowhill has been a part of beautiful
homes in the Miami Valley for 11 years. 95% of
our business is through repeat clientelle or referrals,
reflecting the trust placed in us with your most
valuable investment.
From ranch homes to stately mansions. From
family rooms to church altars. From executive
offices to home studies. We can deliver a project
that can be unfinished or we offer services that
include specialty finishing(clear coat, stained or
painted. Glazing, crackled, distressed and more),
home delivery and installation.

Custom cherry table
We wanted to give you the opportunity to see what a dramatic difference the
artisans at Shadowhill can make in your home or business.
We do want to add that, the same way a photo doesn't convey the sense of feeling
you get from walking in a room, so to get the full impact of the change we made
you need to look at the larger version of these photos by clicking on them.
built in art display cabinetry
The wall unit above was removed and
Shadowhill, working with a designer, was
commissioned to build and install the
display/entertainment wall you see here.
When it was finished the whole unit was 20
feet by 20 feet. It was impossible to take the
whole project in one shot.
built in entertainment wall-before
built in painted, entertainment wall-after
This wall system is a wonderful example of how a room was changed from a space that was used to an
elegant focal point that has made the room useful as well. The arched cabinet on the left incorporates
built in cable and audio connectors. As well both right and left units have pull-out shelves and all the
doors have quiet close hinges. While our work created a breathtaking addition we must include that
the walls and carpet were redone and all the design work was performed by Lisa Crouch of iDesign
located here in Dayton.
Ranch home entertainment wall
This wall unit was designed by Recker and Co. Shadowhill constructed the piece and
assisted in installation. This project not only added beauty and the warmth of finely
crafted built in cabinetry it also modernized this '70's era ranch home providing flat
screen TV display and all necessary connection and storage for related components.
Lorenz Williams exterior renovation
This home in a secluded area of Kettering was designed by famed architect Lorenz Williams. It was quite a
revolutionary design when built in 1939, every bedroom was connected to or had access to one
Large screen tv entertainment center
Once again we can see here how a room can be transformed. It's hard to
describe the way a piece can change the feel, the warmth and comfort, of a  
room. This beautiful entertainment center, as well as the one below, was
designed by Clark Designs and crafted and installed by Shadowhill.
This home was completed in 2004 but the living room was just finished off with the addition
of this fireplace/meida center built-in in 2010.
. The wood is a combination of Anigre and figured Birch. All wiring will be installed so
connections will be a matter of plugging components in, no snaking wires to update your
system. .
Lower level kitchen, custom made
This lower level kitchen was just completed in January 2010. The cabinets were stained and
glazed, the glazing done in a manner the replicates cabinet usage over many years giving this
kitchen both the look of being new and the feel of something that you have used for many
years. This is the third large project we have performed for this client.
Living room built in fireplace/media center
70's style kitchen-before
euro-style kitchen
contemporary kitchen remodel-after
Shadowhill came into this kitchen project after fire
damaged restoration had been underway though the
state of the original kitchen can still be seen. Original
cabinets, poorly constructed and unattractive were
replaced for a Eurostyle kitchen with lift up doors on the
upper cabinets. The wood used was a special ordered,
straight grained ash which was lightly stained. The
counter tops were by Darkstar and at this point no back
splashes have been installed.
This theater room was just completed. Before it was a niche where the TV was set. Now it's an
elegant, tasteful surround and media/compnent storage unit that makes the room look finished.
This office for this lower level was minimally furnished, the homeowner had recently purchased. They
wanted something that was a comfortable work environment for the engineer who used it.
Solid wood custom home office
Solid wood home office