It's been busy the last few years. These are some photos of projects that we haven't had
time to arrange a photo shoot for, after the homeowner has had the opportunity to get
moved in after our installation. The work shown at the top of this page was done a few
years ago, more recent projects are down below.
Custom mahogany wine room
This wine room will(eventually) be a part of a dedicated
page. Constructed of Mahogany and dyed with a custom
mixture. It holds about 3000 bottles. This is part of a
lower level remodel which was recently completed. The
design was a collaboration between Shadowhill and the
homeowner. We here at Shadowhill do a very good job
creating a balanced, attractive design but the skill and
good taste of the homeowner to put the finishing touch
to the project is apparent when the end result is
Custom mahogany bar
Standing at the wine room above
looking at the bar.
Mahogany interior doors and trim
Looking the other way we see the entrance to the bar, the bath
and a storage room. We specially select the grain for all our
projects but in this the panels are all a beautiful ribbon laced
Beautiful, glass enclosed wine room
A shot of the entry to the wine room. If we
have time we will dedicate a full page to this
We are very fortunate to have followed such a fantastic project
as the wine room and bar with this study. The final touches are
still being applied to this exquisite, professionals home office.
Carefully distressed with integrated cabinet lighting.
This is another project which will
receive special attention. We still
have a few details to complete, the
homeowner has begun moving in
and will have it decorated soon.
Mahogany butler's pantry, historic remodel
This was a fantastic opportunity for us, this was an update in a historic home
located in the shadow of Hawthorn Hill, Orville. The homeowner loved the look
but wanted it to be modernized and have the flaws in the original piece
corrected.  This mahogany butler's pantry now has dimmable led lighting and
soft-close hardware. The crystal knobs and pulls our client selected finished it off
very nicely.
Custom home office/study
Custom home office/study
Home library crown detail
Custom wine room
Custom lower level bar
This basement remodel included a very large bar and wine room. It was
located an hour away so we still need to return for final photos.
This home office, theater cabinets and beam mantle were two projects we just
completed in home at Country Club of the North. The beams were repurposed,
originally part of a barn built between 1850-1875. A lot of handwork and even holes
where the barn was held together by wooden pegs. The theater room we gave a nice,
subtle depth with the side paneling. The home office was a bit of a challenge the
arched soffits requiring more thought and planning. We included dimmable display
lighting, soft close hardware and carefully selected all grain. Lighting was from the
window and overwhelming, this shows off our limited photography skills.
Solid wood home office
Solid wood home office
Solid wood, custom home office
Custom lower level bar