Shadowhill has been participating in the WYSO' live
auction since 2010. Last year our donation was a $700.00
design package. The cabinet shown was our first
donation which now sits proudly in a residence in
Yellow Springs. We are grateful for the opportunity to
participate and give our support to WYSO and the
outstanding programming they provide and the
exposure they allow us.  
Our new display which we had
placed at the Fairfield Commons
Mall Home and Garden show.
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Tuscarora Wood Midwest
This year we had the pleasure of doing business with Tuscarora Wood.
They deal in reclaimed wood, beams and flooring. They were fantastic to
work with, they had an extensive selection of materials, were very
knowledgeable and able to custom slice our beams to exactly what we
needed. The beams we purchased were from a barn that was likely built
between 1850-1880. We used the wood in a solid beam mantle and we'll
soon have photos of that project.